Oops! A Small Mistake Makes for a Funny Bar of Soap

Posted by : Phil Metzler   /  

Soapmaking is a tricky art. There are so many factors that go into making great soap, and sometimes even the most seasoned soapmakers can slip up and make a small mistake. This recently happened at Glenn Avenue when I accidentally added just half of the oils needed for a batch of soap. Because of the high lye-to-oil ratio, the soap started to set up before I could get it all poured smoothly into the molds, resulting in this funny shape bar.  Normally, when we de-mold the soap it is soft and easy to cut. With this particular batch, because there was so much lye, we ended up with a bar of soap that was rock hard and so dense you could drop it on the table without it breaking! Check out the video below to see it for yourself.


Although this batch of soap went into the dumpster, we have lots of good soap on the shelves waiting for you!


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