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It's a simple thing that customers appreciate - natural soaps that smell great and leave your hands soft and smooth. If you're using generic chemical soaps from Cintas, Ecolab, Target or the restaurant supply store, your customers know it. Delight them with a handwashing experience that provides the same level of quality and excellence as the food, beverage and service you provide.

Top 8 Reasons to Upgrade Your Bathroom Soap

#8 Synthetic ingredients
#7 Artificial fragrances
#6 Unnatural colors
#5  Harmful to the environment
#4 Packaging creates too much waste
#3 Not good for your skin
#2 Feels slimy & doesn't lather

and the #1 reason to leave your old soap behind:

It leaves your skin dry and chapped!

Our Foaming Soaps Are Used By Businesses of All Kinds

Restaurants, Coffee Shops, Tap Rooms, Doctors Offices, Daycares, Dental Clinics, Barber Shops, Salons, Spas & More

Delight Customers in an Unexpected Way

Made from organic ingredients, our handcrafted soaps are super mild and moisturizing and customers love the subtle essential oil scents. Foaming soaps are concentrated and a little goes a long way, making them extremely cost effective. Using our wall mounted dispensers, a single gallon will provide thousands of servings. No more throwing away empty (non-recyclable) plastic soap bags or daily refilling dispensers - your refill interval will be measured in weeks, not days, reducing hassle and labor. Packaged in refillable and recyclable polyethylene jugs (Bring them back, we will refill them!)

Our commercial customers receive a 12% discount from retail pricing as well as FREE shipping or delivery.

Wall-Mounted Dispensers

These are among our most popular foaming soap dispensers. Other designs, including glass décor pump bottles, are available to fit your design requirements.  Professional Local Installation Available.

White¬†or¬†Gray¬† ¬†|¬† ¬†4.5‚ÄĚW x 6.25‚ÄĚH x 4‚ÄĚD¬† ¬†|¬† ¬†30oz.

White¬†or¬†Gray¬† ¬†|¬† ¬†5.5‚ÄĚW x 8.5‚ÄĚH x 4.5‚ÄĚD¬† ¬†|¬† ¬†46oz.

Save Money and Care for the Environment

Our refillable dispensers save money, time & labor

  • Foam provides up to 2.5x as many servings as liquid soap
  • Up to 87% labor savings!
  • Never run out - easy to see when it is time to refill
  • Bags waste up to 10% of product left in bag when you change it out

Recyclable containers eliminate landfill waste

  • Our HDPE jugs are completely recyclable
  • Up to 800% less material in waste stream

Our Foaming Soaps are Genuinely Unique

Glenn Avenue Soap Company started in Dr. Sandra and Phil Metzler's kitchen. Concerned about toxic chemicals in their home, Sandra put her doctorate in biomedical engineering to use and produced her first batch of soap. Today, we produce a broad range of healthy soap and skin care products in craft soaphouse. Come visit to sample, shop and learn about the benefits of real soap for you, your staff and customers, and the environment.

"Customers and employees love the soap! It is a simple and cost-effective way to please customers in an unexpected way, reinforcing our quality brand and helping ensure we provide an exceptional dining experience."

- Lauren Szuter, Co-Owner Wolf's Ridge Brewing

Download our price list and brochure for more information

Price List (.pdf download)
Commercial Brochure (.pdf download)

Frequently Asked Questions

Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions not answered here.

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