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It's a simple thing that customers appreciate - natural soaps that smell great and leave your hands soft and smooth. If you're using generic chemical soaps from Cintas, Ecolab, Target or the restaurant supply store, your customers know it. Delight them with a handwashing experience that provides the same level of quality and excellence as the food, beverage and service you provide.

- Lauren Szuter, Co-Owner Wolf's Ridge Brewing


Yes, you can order gallons or half-gallons of bulk soap directly on our web site but if you do then you miss out on significant cost savings and other benefits.

1) With the discounted commercial price plus free shipping or delivery, our commercial customers save close to 20% off the retail price! 2) For commercial customers, we have flexibility to set up multiple modes of invoicing (hardcopy, multiple emails) and payment (check on delivery, CC on line, CC on file, bank check, ACH, etc) to accommodate the particular needs of your business.
2) Because we sell them at our cost, we do not offer our wall-mounted dispensers online.

It depends if they are designed for foaming or regular liquid soap and whether or not they require a proprietary bag or bottle.

The main criteria is that the dispensers are bulk foaming dispensers.  In other words, they do not require a proprietary bag of soap (with built-in nozzle), but have an open reservoir or tank that our soap can be poured into.  Most foaming dispensers available from companies like Cintas, Ecolab or Gojo utilize a proprietary plastic bag or bottle that only fits in their machine so you have to buy their soap. Each bag include a built in foaming pump mechanism that gets thrown away when the bag is tossed out.  So if you have proprietary dispensers you will need to replace them.

Our foaming dispensers are very economical, good looking, reliable and don't drip. You can always see the fluid level so you will know when to refill it. Installation is straightforward requiring just 2 appropriate wall anchors (not double sided adhesive) to attach the mounting plate to the wall. The dispenser slides onto the plate and snaps into place. This allows easy replacement if it is damaged, or it can be easily removed to clean in the sink or to paint around it. If you are local to Columbus, we can provide professional installation, which includes removal of your old dispensers.

Once we have you in our system, simply email us at orders@glennavesoap.com, and tell us your order!

Be sure to include the following in your email:

  • Your name
  • Business name
  • Location, if applicable
  • Scent(s) you would like
  • How many gallons or half gallons

If you have multiple locations, they can each order directly as they need refills.

* Please do not place commercial orders online *

Delivery and shipping is free for our commercial customers.

If you are in the Columbus area, we can deliver to you. We typically deliver on Thursdays. Most orders received by Wednesday noon can be delivered the following day, otherwise it will be scheduled for the following week.

If you are outside our delivery area, we will ship your order to you.

You are also welcome to pick up your commercial order at our shop in Grandview Heights!

We will send you an invoice by email through Quickbooks. You can pay online with a credit card or ACH, or you can mail us a check. Terms are Net 15 Days. If you have multiple locations, we can also arrange to keep a corporate CC on file.

There is no M.O.Q.! You can order just 1 half gallon if that's all you need!


You can absolutely change scents with each order, if you'd like!

We sell 2 sizes of manual foaming dispensers, both are available in either gray and white. 

Each small dispenser holds 30oz when full so you can fill 4 dispensers per gallon. The small size are quite compact and fit into tighter spaces. And, they provide up to 1,000 servings per filling so they last quite a long time before needing to be refilled so there is little chance you would run out during a busy event. 

Our large dispenser hold up to 46oz when full so you can fill 3 dispensers per gallon. The large dispenser has the ability to be locked, but most businesses ask us to remove the lock for easy access. The key is just a small pin that gets inserted into the side of the lid to release the mechanism.

Each dispenser comes with our label that lets your customers and staff know that you are serving a handcrafted product made from organic ingredients and essential oils.

If you are located in the metropolitan Columbus area, we can provide professional installation if needed, typically $20 each for standard sheetrock or similar installation, or $30 each if on tile or other more complex installation. Our installation service includes removal of old dispensers (and foam tape), which is often the most difficult part!

However installation is straightforward and simple for someone on your team to do. There is a wall bracket that mounts with 2 screws (don’t use double sided adhesive), the dispenser slides down onto the bracket and snaps into place. It can be easily removed for cleaning, painting, etc.

If you are outside of Columbus, ordering a couple different bottles to sample is a good way to give your team a chance to test the soaps and pick a favorite scent. If you have questions, please don't hesitate to contact us for advice.

If you are local to Columbus, you are welcome to stop by our shop in Grandview Heights to sample our various fragrances and see our demo dispensers. 

If it would be helpful, we can come to your business to demonstrate the various dispensers, review the restrooms to help determine which ones will work best, and the fun part, sample our various scents to find a favorite!

Just fill out the contact form below! Be sure to include the following:

  • Your name
  • Business name
  • Email and phone numbers
  • Business address
  • Scent(s) you would like
  • How many gallons or half gallons
  • Dispenser and installation need
  • Best email address for invoicing

There's no contract or commitment.

Ready to get started or schedule an installation? Have more questions? Reach out here!