About Us

We are passionate about natural soap and skincare products, effective and safe for everyone, from babies to the environment.

We began in 2009 like so many other companies--out of necessity. Our co-founder Dr. Sandra Metzler had searched tirelessly for soap products that she felt comfortable with her family using. Unfortunately, all she could find were soaps filled with synthetic detergents and surfactants and laden with artificial fragrances, preservatives, micro plastics, parabens, pthlatates & sulfates. Using her background in Biomedical Engineering and her knowledge of chemistry, biology and aromatherapy she started making soap in her kitchen on Glenn Avenue in Grandview Heights, Ohio. 

In 2013 Sandra's partner Phil decided to turn their soapmaking hobby into a full fledged business. A year later, they moved the soap lab out of their living room into their current home at 1166 W. 5th Ave with a total of 4,200 sf of beautiful retail and workshop space. Customers can browse and sample products, and see how real soap is made. In November of 2021, the company opened a new retail only store at the Easton Town Center, one of Columbus's premier shopping destinations.

We make an ever broadening line of natural soap & skincare products for our customers to enjoy; by hand, in small batches, using traditional methods, with support from modern scientific data.