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Keep your little one soft and smooth with these extra gentle products designed specifically for babies and infants.  


An infant’s skin is thinner than an adult’s and is made up of smaller cells. This increases the absorption of water and other substances into the body. Because of this, it's important to use gentle and mild infant skin care products made without parabens, phthalates, dyes, and synthetic fragrances.

Our Foaming Bath Wash & Shampoo is specially formulated from Coconut, Sunflower & Castor Oils to produce an exceptionally gentle, mild and moisturizing lather — perfect for your little one’s skin & hair. No added scent.


Save $ 7.00Lil' Sprouts - Complete SetLil' Sprouts - Complete Set
Lil' Sprouts - Complete Set Sale price$ 55.00 Regular price$ 62.00
Lil' Sprouts Foaming Baby Wash & ShampooLil' Sprouts Foaming Baby Wash & Shampoo
Lil' Sprouts Healing Baby ButterLil' Sprouts Healing Baby Butter
Lil' Sprouts Bum BalmLil' Sprouts Bum Balm
Lil' Sprouts Bum Balm Sale price$ 14.00
Lil' Sprouts Diaper Rash CreamLil' Sprouts Diaper Rash Cream
Radish Bath ToyRadish Bath Toy
Radish Bath Toy Sale price$ 20.00
Crab Bath Toy
Crab Bath Toy Sale price$ 18.00
Duck Bath ToyDuck Bath Toy
Duck Bath Toy Sale price$ 18.00
Watermelon Bath ToyWatermelon Bath Toy
Watermelon Bath Toy Sale price$ 20.00
Broccoli Bath ToyBroccoli Bath Toy
Broccoli Bath Toy Sale price$ 20.00
Orange Bath ToyOrange Bath Toy
Orange Bath Toy Sale price$ 20.00