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Five Great Uses for our Healing Blend Body Butter

August 18, 2016 2 min read

Our Healing Blend Body Butter is an amazing product, made from 100% natural and organic butters, oils and essential oils. The six different essential oils we've added to it have wonderful healing and calming properties.  It's a must-have in the fall and winter to heal dry, cracked skin, but there are great uses for it year-round! Check out these five unexpected ways you can put our Healing Blend to work for you and your family.

1.  Relieve pain and dryness from sunburn

Even with sunscreen, a painful sunburn can occur after spending a long day in the sun. Our super moisturizing body butters will soak into your skin immediately, soothing the pain and helping to prevent peeling.

2.  Aid in tattoo after-care

There are plenty of ointments and balms on the market for helping tattoos heal, but they often contain unnecessary and even harmful artificial chemicals or additives. Our natural body butter will keep your new tattoo moisturized and help prevent scabbing during the healing process with our blend of natural butters and oils. Apply a light layer to the tattoo and notice how it helps soothe swelling and pain, too.

3.  Manage diaper rash in infants

Sandra originally conceived our Healing Blend for a neighbor whose infant struggled with irritating diaper rash. The blend of tea tree and lavender essential oils in particular help sooth and heal uncomfortable rashes. And because we only use natural and organic butters and oils in our body butters, they're perfectly safe and gentle enough to use on a baby's sensitive skin.

4.  Nighttime facial treatment

Our body butters are perfect for pampering yourself before bed. After washing your face with our Foaming Face Wash, Sandra recommends leaving your skin slightly damp and applying a light treatment of our Healing Blend to your face. You'll find your skin especially soft and supple when you wake up the next morning!

5. Relieve itching from insect bites 

If you haven't picked up a bottle of our Natural Insect Repellent yet, you might have gotten a few annoying bug bites this summer. We've heard from a numerous customers that our Healing Blend works great to relieve itchingfrom mosquito bites. Make sure to pick some body butter up next time you're in the store if you're particularly susceptible to insect bites.



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