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Article: A transformational journey: our workshop and retail space has been a labor of love

A transformational journey: our workshop and retail space has been a labor of love

Sandra and I moved the soap lab out of our living room last October.  It was a commercial space hidden away in an industrial park, but it gave us the room we needed. Literally the same day, we received a call regarding a property on 5th Avenue that had suddenly become available. This new property gave us space for production, but also a good location in which to open a retail store. We signed a second lease and set about a massive renovation. Other than the electrical work and painting, Sandra, our son Christopher and myself did all the work. What follows is a photo essay showing the transformation of an ugly, old space into our new home - a bright new soap lab and retail space. We hope you visit soon!

The prior tenant had the place crammed with old electronics!


Hours spent cleaning floors and ripping out decades of old phone cable

Tearing out the old ceiling, installing new LED lighting, insulation and new ceiling tiles, new garage doors

Cutting a hole to  install a commercial entryway (they had no door before!)


Production is up and running!

Grinding the floor smooth before installing a cork floor in the retail space

Road trip to IKEA for shelving and tables, staining and assembly


Stocking shelves and opening day

Our first customer - friend and neighbor Maggie Flanagan

Come see for yourself!

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