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Price Increase

Dear Friends and Fans,
Since 2009, our passion has been to serve you with functional and affordable soaps and skincare made with high quality plant-based ingredients and essential oils. Great smelling products that are safe and effective, helping keep you and your family clean and moisturized. 

As with most businesses, we have been affected by recent supply chain disruptions and inflation in the cost of raw ingredients and packaging materials. For example, our largest volume input is the custom blend of organic oils (extra virgin olive, coconut and sunflower) we use to make our foaming hand soaps. All three have been rising in price, and most recently, the price of sunflower oil has been significantly impacted by the war in Ukraine, where it is produced. On our most recent order the price of this oil blend had increased over 24% from a year ago.

So after carefully analyzing increased materials and overhead costs, we are writing to give you a heads up that, effective August 1, we will be raising prices on most of our products. This is our first real price increase since 2017. This increase helps us ensure our commitment to making the gentle, effective products you love using the very best natural ingredients.

Thank you so much for your support and continued business, we appreciate you!

Phil & Sandra Metzler