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Reduce Your Plastic Consumption

Bring your empty bottle into our Columbus retail store for filling or refilling!

"I just finished my refill bottle of foaming hand soap, can I bring it (or my own container) in to be refilled?"

Absolutely! We here at Glenn Ave Soap Company strongly encourage re-using and recycling your foaming hand soap refill containers. Bring in any container, we'll refill it for you and even give you a discounted price off the refill price!
Unfortunately, we are only able to offer this in-store at our craft soaphouse in Grandview (located at 1166 W 5th Ave in Columbus Ohio). For our out-of-town customers, please note that all of our refill bottles are made from HDPE (recycling code 2) which is widely accepted at recycling centers.
Thanks for all you do to help build sustainability. Let us know your ideas about how we can continue to lessen our impact on the environment.

 Foaming Hand Soaps and limited amounts of our Foaming Face Wash Only

In-Store Purchase Only