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Article: Glenn Avenue Soap Launches New Line of Hop-Infused Personal Care Products!

Glenn Avenue Soap Launches New Line of Hop-Infused Personal Care Products!

Glenn Avenue Soap Launches New Line of Hop-Infused Personal Care Products!

Brewdog logoGlenn Avenue Soap Company is excited to announce their collaborative partnership with BrewDog and the opening of the DogHouse, the world's first beer-themed hotel. By offering new personal care amenities scented with an amazing aroma inspired by flagship beer Elvis Juice, BrewDog is able to give guests a unique sensory adventure, complementing their "all beer" experience. Glenn Ave Soap personal care products with Brewdog Elvis Juice inspired, hop-infused scentGlenn Avenue has created six new products exclusively for BrewDog, including Foaming Hand Soap, Foaming Face Wash, Hand & Body Lotion, Shampoo, Conditioner and Body Wash. All these products are handcrafted in small batches using only simple, plant-based ingredients and essential oil fragrances.

"Using pure essential oils to create the perfect scent was a months long process" says Phil Metzler, Co-Founder. "My partner and co-founder Dr. Sandra Metzler and I we worked with Jon Quick, General Manager at BrewDog and the DogHouse, through many formula iterations. Jon was an amazing collaborator with his Level 3 Cicerone training, understanding of beer and the science of aromas, and expert ability to detect and describe flavors. He set a high benchmark for us to not only faithfully reproduce the aroma of Elvis Juice, but to do so in six different skin care product formulations".

"Our initial base formulas included Sweet Orange, White and Pink Grapefruit and Canadian and Siberian Fir Needle essential oil", notes Dr. Metzler, "but they didn't have the complexity and dryness associated with the fresh aroma of Elvis Juice. Our break-through came with the addition of two specially selected hops oils. Essential oils made from fresh hops flowers are rare and expensive, but they give us the ability to truly replicate the aroma of Elvis Juice. As an added bonus, hop oils have many reported health benefits, including helping with sleep, strengthening hair and being good for the skin." 

"The project did have one great side benefit," jokes Phil, "I got to drink a lot of beer at work!"

 An important goal of the project was to reduce the packaging associated with traditional, miniature sized hotel amenities by utilizing large, refillable dispensers. Glenn Avenue will supply products in gallon containers with dispensers that allow housekeeping to refill individual room dispensers. This eliminates throwing away empty or partially used containers, dramatically reducing the amount of plastic that ends up in the waste stream.

"There are two important next steps of the project." says Metzler. "First, we'll make these products available for sale at the hotel and brewery and at the Glenn Avenue retail store and on our web site. This will allow anyone to experience theses products at home. Second, we'll roll out Elvis Juice foaming hand soap to the public restrooms at the hotel and brewery, and at BrewDog's growing number of taprooms across the country. We are excited to help BrewDog create a whole new level of guest experience."

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