Craft Soaphouse

Come Visit Our Craft Soaphouse and Retail Space, Located in Grandview

Our craft soaphouse is located at 1166 W 5th Ave, Columbus Ohio 43212, in the rear half of the building. Our entryway is on the right side of the building, directly off of the parking lot we share with St. Luke’s Church. Look for our black awning and red OPEN sign! Our regular store hours are:

Monday thru Friday: 11AM to 6PM

Saturday thru Sunday: 11AM to 4PM

Our craft soaphouse is the only place you will find all of our products available for purchase, including foaming hand soap, bar soaps, skincare, face care, and beer soaps. You’ll be able to look into our soap lab and see us hard at work making the soaps you love. Free five minute tours of our soap lab are available, depending on who is in-store - just ask!

Click here to read about the transformation our craft soaphouse went through before opening, from a used car mechanics shop to the beautiful space it is today!