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Welcome to Glenn Avenue Soap Company

We’re glad you’re here! 

We are passionate about creating high quality products that are safe for everyone - from children to the environment.

Phil and Sandra in their living room soap lab, 2013

We were born 2009 in Dr. Sandra Metzler’s kitchen on Glenn Avenue in Grandview Heights, Ohio. As a mother of three and a Biomedical Engineer, she understood and grew concerned about the risks associated with artificial and harmful ingredients in her family’s skincare. Unable to find good products made from safe ingredients, Dr. Metzler put her knowledge of chemistry, biology and aromatherapy to work and, after hours of research and experimentation, produced her first batch of soap. It was an immediate hit with family and friends.

For several years, soapmaking was a hobby. Phil and Sandra sold at occasional farmers markets or craft shows. They called it Glenn Avenue Soap after the wonderful street they lived on.  They perfected saponified oil foaming soap, which is more difficult to make than bar soaps, but which have a more vibrant fragrance and silky lather. They expanded their product offering with lotions, skin care products, and more.

Phil (also a mechanical engineer) started in 2013 to build their hobby into a real business. Teaching himself adobe illustrator and photoshop, Phil created new branding, took product photos, started a website, built a soaplab in their living room (with compressed air and 240VAC!) and went out and started selling! 


Very quickly, they needed more room. After 3 months renovating their new space, they moved the soap company into their current home at 1166 W 5th Ave in Columbus. The retail space was opened up a year later.

Today, we are growing again, expanding into the front of the building which will take us from 1,900sf to 4,000sf. This will give us a much more noticeable street front presence, expand our production space and allow us to have dedicated classroom space for experiential tours, parties, classes and other events.

We continue to make our products by hand in small batches using time-honored methods. We are passionate about providing you and your family with safe, quality products for your entire home. Come try our products & see how we make soap!

The Glenn Avenue Soap Team