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Our Ingredients

At Glenn Avenue Soap Company, we choose our ingredients with both the customer and earth in mind. Each ingredients is chosen for not only its purpose and the customer experience, but also its origin and sustainability.
Feel good about simple, plant based ingredients and essential oils that are healthy for you and safe for the environment.
  • Natural and Organic Ingredients
  • Cruelty Free
  • No Synthetic Fragrances, Phthalates, Sulfates, or Parabens

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How They Work

Our products are created with moisture and skin health as the end goal.
Skin is the largest organ in the body and covers the body's entire external surface, protecting underlying tissues.  The skin has a protective lipid barrier of natural oils to help keep water in your skin and environmental toxins out. When the skin gets dried out, this protective barrier starts to break down and becomes unable to do its job, which creates dry, irritated skin with more pronounced wrinkles.
The highly moisturizing oils in our products improve skin barrier repair, maintain skin’s integrity and appearance. Skin care products do not only stay inactively on the skin surface - they also penetrate to influence the skin’s structure and function.
Like a vintner choosing wines to create a unique blend, we select and blend the highest quality oils to bring the most desirable properties to our products.

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Our Scents

Blended from the highest quality essential oils and botanical extracts, our scents are subtle and sophisticated with just the right strength. The power of our natural aromatherapy will fill your senses - lifting your spirit or calming your mind.

Sophisticated Essential Oil Blends

Bandit's Oil

Our Process

crafted by hand in small batches

For over 10 years, Glenn Avenue Soap Company has handcrafted natural soaps and skincare at our craft soaphouse in Columbus, Ohio. 

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using traditional methods

Glenn Avenue soaps are made using centuries-old methods from just oil, lye and water. When mixed in the right proportion at just the right temperatures, an amazing process called saponification transforms the oils into mild, gentle soap containing lots of glycerin, a natural humectant that attracts and retains moisture.

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with support from modern scientific data

Glenn Avenue Soap Company's products are all formulated by our co-founder Dr. Sandra Metzler. Her background in biomedical engineering and her knowledge of chemistry and aromatherapy inform formulations that are effective and feel great, made from simple, natural ingredients.

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Our Story

It all started in our home on Glenn Avenue....

We began in 2009 like so many other companies--out of necessity. Our co-founder Dr. Sandra Metzler wanted healthy and effective skincare products for her family to use. But so many products were made from synthetic detergents and contained artificial fragrances and preservatives and other ingredients she knew weren't healthy. Using her background in biomedical engineering and her knowledge of chemistry and aromatherapy, she started making soap in her kitchen on Glenn Avenue in Grandview Heights, Ohio. 
In 2013 Sandra's partner Phil (also an engineer) decided to turn their soapmaking hobby into a full fledged business. A year later, they moved the soap lab out of their living room into our current facilities at 1166 W 5th Ave with a total of 4,200 sf of beautiful retail and workshop space. Customers can browse and sample products, learn about natural skincare and see how real soap is made.
A unique product we've become known for is our natural foaming soap. Making foaming soaps with traditional methods is technically much more difficult than making bar soap, so many small craft soap makers don't attempt it. And, because the natural ingredients used to make our soaps are expensive (organic extra virgin olive oil, organic sunflower oil and organic coconut oil) big companies don't make them. Silky lather and amazing scents make our foaming soaps such a delight to use we have built a business providing bulk soap and wall mounted dispensers to many of Columbus's premier breweries, bars, restaurants, coffee shops, hotels, venues and businesses of all sorts. Our largest customer is the Greater Columbus Convention Center- they have over 365 sinks! Follow this link to learn about becoming a commercial customer.  
We continue to make an ever broadening line of natural soap & skincare products for you to enjoy; crafted by hand in small batches, using traditional methods, with support from modern scientific data.

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Welcome to Glenn Avenue Soap Company.