Beer Soaps

Incredible smelling soaps made from Columbus's best craft beers! It started with a crazy idea for Digfest. Digfest (Drinks In Granvdview) is a celebration of local breweries, wineries, distilleries, food and music. Our family loves beer and we wanted to help celebrate the many local craft breweries we enjoy, so we teamed up with seven of our favorite, picked out a bunch of great beers and made beer soap!  When you substitute beer for water in the soap recipe, you get some great results.  First, the soap take on a beautiful brown color, from a pale gold Hoppy Wheat to a chocolaty brown Smoked Porter. Second, the carbohydrates and the sugars in the beer give the soap a rich creamy lather and really nice hand feel.  When you pair that up with fun all-natural fragrances, you get a winning combination! We call it Cap City Suds.  Different breweries, beers and fragrances may come and go, but beer soap is here to stay!