New Fragrance-Free Bar Soap - Simply Olive

Posted by : Jess Campbell   /  

Enjoy the simple pleasure of pure, unscented moisturizing soap. We've crafted a new fragrance-free option for people who are sensitive to smells or just prefer the simplicity of unscented soap! The only ingredient in our Simply Olive bar soap is saponified organic extra virgin olive oil - seriously! It doesn't contain any of the additional oils our regular bar soaps do, and doesn't have any essential oils added for fragrance.

Different types of oils provide different qualities in the finished soap. Compared to our other bar soaps, which have 4-6 different types of oils, you will found our olive oil soap to have a lower foaming, longer lasting lather with superior moisturizing properties. 

Organic extra virgin olive oil is well known for it's high concentration of vitamins A and E and other antioxidants which help fight the effects of aging on the skin. It will provide a moisturizing, deep clean and leave your skin refreshed and soft!

Read more about the benefits of organic olive oil on one of our older blog posts, and shop for our Simply Olive bar soap in-store or online!

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