Goodfellow's Tonsorial Parlor Begins Using Glenn Ave Shaving Soap

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Located in a refurbished 3-story home in German Village, Goodfellow's Tonsorial Parlor has elevated the men's grooming scene in Columbus with an inviting vintage atmosphere and top-notch barbering. Goodfellow's is the brainchild and passion of Dale Grinstead-Mayle, an Ohio native who opened Goodfellow's in early 2016. With four barber chairs in downstairs parlors, the house also includes party rooms and a third floor lounge with bar, billiards and large screen TV, great for parties.

The Tonsorial Parlor has been using our foaming hand soaps in his restrooms and recently expanded to using our newly developed shaving soaps. In addition to full shaves, every haircut gets a neck shave so they use a lot of shaving soap! They are excited to use locally crafted, natural products as part of his services, and to be able to sell those same supplies to his customers, for a great shave at home. With Goodfellow's input and feedback, our entire shaving line is coming along and will be ready soon!

Over the last few months, our soap team has been developing a natural unisex shaving line. One of those particular products we have been testing over the last few months is a shaving bar soap. This soap is soft and creamy, and when combined with water it generates a rich and persistent lather, perfect for shaving. It comes in two fragrances, ‘Woodsy’ and ‘Fresh.’ Woodsy is made with Cedarwood and Patchouli essential oils, while the Fresh blend is made with Peppermint & Cyprus.

We’re continuing work on the rest of our shaving line, including a post shave balm and a pre-shave oil. It will be launched sometime in 2017, along with shaving mugs, brushes, and other shaving essentials! Watch our newsletters for more announcements as we prepare to introduce this new product line.

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