Six Great Ideas for Your Glenn Avenue Holiday Basket

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Now through Dec. 24th in our retail store, buy a Holiday Basket, fill it with 3 or more items and get 15% off! For those of you who want to design a basket for a loved one but are struggling to come up with what to put in it (let’s face it, you’ve got a lot of options), we’ve thought up six different themed Holiday Baskets for you to draw inspiration from. Online, you can choose a Gift Box for ready-to-ship goodness that can ship straight to your loved ones door step! 





Spa Day

Includes: Hand towel, Lavender & Chamomile Hand Lotion, Healing Blend Body Butter, Honey Oatmeal Bath Bomb, Black Raspberry Massage Oil

Spa Day is the ultimate pampering gift, complete with Hand Lotion, Body Butter, Massage Oil, and a decadent Bath Bomb. The addition of a super soft microfiber hand towel, available for purchase in our retail space, ensures a luxurious experience!

The Classic

Includes: Bandit’s Oil Foaming Hand Soap & Refill, Not A Brown Troup Bar Soap, Soap Dish, Gift Card

The Classic Basket is the perfect way to introduce new people to Glenn Ave Soap. It includes two of our best selling soaps, Bandit’s Oil and Not A Brown Trout, and a gift card for continuing their exploration of natural skincare.


Seasonal Basket

Includes: Pine Forest Foaming Hand Soap & Refill, Spiced Orange Foaming Hand Soap & Refill, Seasonal Bath Bomb (Frankincense)!

This basket includes all new seasonal products: our two new foaming hand soap fragrances, Pine Forest and Spiced Orange, and our seasonal Frankincense Bath Bomb, which is available for purchase in-store! 


Face Care 101

Includes: Foaming Face Wash, Salty Beans & Rice Exfoliant, Balancing Toner, Serum Moisturizer, Activated Charcoal Bar Soap

Maybe you use our skincare system already and want to spread the love, or know of someone who is frustrated with the harsh, artificial and ineffective face care options on the market. Either way, this basket is sure to make someone's face happy.


Beer Lovers

Includes: Six Beer Soaps + Add your own growler!

Beer Lovers is for all of the craft beer enthusiasts you know. Customize this basket with any six beer soaps made using beer from local craft breweries around Columbus. Add a matching growler from a favorite brewery for extra festivity!


The Florist

Includes (Lavender): Lavender Fields Foaming Hand Soap, Lavender & White Tea Bar
 Soap, Lavender Body Butter, Lavender Bath Bomb

Includes (Rose): Rose Clay Bar Soap, Rose Hand & Body Lotion, Rose Geranium Body Butter, Rose Bath Bomb

The Florist is the complete package for those Rose and Lavender enthusiasts in your life. With this basket, they can have their favorite fragrance in every part of their home!





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