New Bath Bomb Fragrances - Rose & Cedarwood Citrus!

Posted by : Jess Campbell   /  

Bath bombs are a fun way to pamper yourself and turn your bath into a private spa experience! They are made with a mix of rich shea and cocoa butter, grapeseed oil and our special blend of essential oils. Each bath bomb has a complimentary ingredient to add color and fun - but won't stain your tub like those with synthetic colors and fragrances often do! 

Our two newest bath bombs are Rose and Cedarwood Citrus!  Rose bombs are made with organic rose petals and a blend of natural rose fragrances for a sweet, floral aroma. Cedarwood Citrus blends a touch of grated orange peel with cedarwood, neroli, patchouli and orange natural fragrances for an inviting Fall scent. Stop by or craft soaphouse to pick out your favorites, or purchase them online!

Drop a bomb into your bath and watch it fizz and melt, releasing nourishing butters and oils into your bath. A lovely fragrance will fill the room, creating a relaxing aromatherapy experience. Soak in the bath, letting your tensions float away and emerge with soft,  supple skin. We recently dropped a new Rose bath bomb (actually half of one) into hot water to demonstrate exactly how it works. Watch as the bomb dissolves and organic rose petals float delicately to the surface!

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