Lavender Pine Foaming Hand Soap

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It all began with a request from a new Columbus restaurant, Salt & Pine. They wanted to open with a custom soap in their bathrooms, something with a mixture of lavender and pine scents and hoped we would be able to create a perfect blend. (They are using Simply Clear Fragrance Free soap in their kitchens and bars)

When we first started conceptualizing our Lavender Pine foaming hand soap, we experimented with a range of juniper berry, cedarwood, pine and other essential oils. After a debate between Canadian and Siberian fir needle essential oil – there really was a difference in smell, we promise! - we went with Canadian because it was sweeter and mixed well with the floral scent of the lavender. Then we experimented to find the right blend of floral and evergreen. We created a spectrum of samples, some very lavender forward and just a hint of piney, to blends with a nice robust “pineyness”.  Everyone agreed that the blend worked best when there was a strong, potent smell of pine alongside the sweet floral scent of the lavender.

During our research, we also discovered that lavender is actually part of the evergreen family of trees and shrubs, along with pine and fir trees – making the unification of these two scents that much more sensible.

After the oils were picked out, it was time to decide what our new product should be called. We blew through tons of long and corny titles (“A field of lavender bordering a pine forest”) before deciding the product name should be as simple as the two essential oils used to create it. So Lavender Pine was born.

You might already recognize the scent if you’ve ever been to Salt & Pine – they’ve been using the soap since they opened a few weeks ago. After its positive reception there, we wanted to share the soap with you. Lavender Pine foaming hand soap will only be available for purchase on our online store and in our new retail space, and only during the winter season, so you’ll have to get yours while it lasts.

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