Personalized Soap Favors!

From day one, Glenn Avenue Soap Company was excited to help us turn goat's milk from our farm into delicate soaps for us to use as wedding favors. After helping us select different fragrances, they crafted 250 bars of beautiful goat's milk soap and created handsome personalized packaging. They exceeded our expectations - all within a tight budget.  Our guests loved the soaps. They posted photos on social media, traded scents with each other, and raved about the packaging. We've seen our soaps on display in their homes in the months after the wedding, proving how these soaps have become a part of their lives.” 
    -- Ben & RJ

Unique • Natural • Handcrafted

Our soaps make unique and special gifts that are perfect for wedding gift bags, bridal showers, birthday parties, and more. Guests will love these local, one of a kind, hand made favors that have been personalized to memorialize your special event. 

We can create a product or event just right for your needs and budget.

   • In a hurry to find 15 favors for a special event? No problem, we can create custom labels for our in-stock bars in just a day!
   • Want to create a memorable experience for you and your wedding party? Schedule a soapmaking party where we will help you can create a custom scent and make your own personal soaps!

Whether you design and create your soaps from scratch (including special goat's milk soaps!) or order from our pre-made bars, we promise your experience will be unique, fun, and rewarding.

Meet Our Round Soaps

Our round mini bars weigh 2.5 ounces, the perfect size for small gifts! They are made from our special blend of organic olive, coconut and palm oils, avocado and apricot oils and cocoa butter. These skin-loving oils and our “super-fatting” soap-making method produces a mild and gentle soap with superior moisturizing and emollient qualities - great for the shower or bath. (Want a larger gift? We are happy to customize our full size oval bars as well!)

Customized Labeling and Packaging


The key to creating a memorable gift is the personalized message and packaging that ties it directly to your event or occasion. Starting with your fonts and colors, we can create custom labels that perfectly match your design style. Or let us create something new that is simple and fun. We can create a single customized label to apply to the back of our mini-bars, or make custom labels for both front and back. Or consider using different paper stock or fabric for the band, or printing on the band. For an especially distinctive look, we can wrap the bar in a pleated wrap. Let us make it easy for you, or let your creativity be the guide to producing a truly special memento.



Our soaps are scented with pure essential oils and natural fragrances. Select from our broad inventory of fragrances to create a completely personalized soap, or select from wonderfully scented pre-made bars: jasmine, blackberry, ylang ylang, passion fruit, fresh berry and more. While our pre-made soaps are ready to ship at a moment’s notice, creating a soap with a custom fragrance will require at least 4 weeks for the soap to cure after being poured.



Want to turn your soap experience into an event? Bring friends and family into our soap lab for an exclusive soap-making session! Learn about the art of making soap and the importance of natural ingredients, then create soap of your own by choosing fragrances, mixing oils, and pouring your own bars. Bring your own drinks and wine and turn it into a true celebration! Parties work best with 10-15 people, but we can accommodate up to 20 of your closest friends.


Our round bars retail for $4.50, but when you buy in volume we offer significant discounts. You can expect to pay typically between $3.00-$3.50, depending on quantity, number of fragrances, packaging options and the amount of custom work done.

Interested? For additional information or to set up a consultation, call Phil Metzler at 614-706-7221 or email us at Customer-Care @GlennAveSoap.com.


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